Hire Alasdair

Award Winning Direction

Many of Alasdair’s Directing credits have been working from scripts written by other screenwriters, including the award winning film “Glow” by Haley Bishop and feature film “Bad Moon Rising” by Dani Thompson.

As a Director from a writing background, Alasdair values the paramount importance of the story. He is happy to work with writers to develop and polish a script that may need some re-structuring, as long as the story is solid.

Having trained as an actor at The International School of Screen Acting at 3 MIlls Film Studios, Alasdair understands the process of the actor and prides himself on his ability to get the best out of actors.

Alasdair has also gained experience on various sets as an Assistant Director, Sound Engineer, Camera Operator and Gaffer, giving him a rounded understanding of the technicalities of all facets of the film-making process.

Original Ideas

Alasdair is always writing, with feature scripts, TV Pilots and Web-Series constantly in development. The 2017 web-series “NightwatchMan” is latest original piece of work to be picked up by a Production company, with many more to come.

“Confession” (dir. Martin Denham) was conceptualised and written by Alasdair, then developed alongside Martin to become the right screenplay for the film that the Director wanted to create.

Pen For Hire

As with all good screenwriters Alasdair is available to develop raw ideas into working screenplays or fully shoot-able scripts. This can be anything from formatting, to story or character development or simply a professional consultation on your film-script.

Many of his writing credits (including “Panoranus”, “Best Friends Forever”, “Nothing Personal” and “Shadows”) were developed from original ideas from the Producer, Director or lead actor.

All of The Above

In the film industry, there is a need to be adaptable and, as such, Alasdair is available to write scripts for others to direct, direct scripts by other writers, but also write and direct scripts either from his own original ideas, or as demanded by a Production company.

For any enquiries at allĀ Contact Alasdair.