Scriptwriting Services

Scriptwriting Services

While Alasdair is passionate about Directing and loves being on set, writing has always been the primary passion. In this ultra-competitive industry, however, there is a real need to stay adaptable.

Original Ideas

Alasdair is always writing, with feature scripts, TV Pilots and Series constantly in development. 2018 will see the release of “NightwatchMan”, a 9 episode Web-Series conceptualised, written and directed by Alasdair and produced in collaboration with Wolfpack Productions, themselves an award-winning production company.

The multiple-nominated and award winning short film “Motherhood” was also an original idea of Alasdair’s, which he took forward himself as Producer/Director.

The 2014 Cannes Film Festival Selected short film, “Confession”, on the other hand, was conceptualised and written by Alasdair; but then developed alongside director Martin Denham to become the right screenplay for the film that he wanted to create.

In 2013, Alasdair wrote “Best Friends Forever” as an original piece, but to a specific order from director Cathy Kostova of Ray of Dreams Productions. Like “Confession”, the film was selected for the Cannes Film Festival.

Script Writing

The award-winning film “Shadows” was one that Alasdair wrote from a specific idea. The characters and story-arc were already in place, but director Sreemoyee Bhattacharya wanted the script to be written from that framework.

“Nothing Personal” and “Panoranus” were other examples of scripts written from someone else’s original idea, character framework and/or story-arc.

Script Analysis

Alasdair regularly reads scripts for other writers and provides feedback in the form of either a 1-on-1 chat over the phone/internet or a more formally structured meeting, depending on what the individual wants or needs.


For any enquiries at all Contact Alasdair.