Alasdair runs periodic workshops for aspiring Screenwriters and for Actors who are looking to develop their skills through the use of writing skills.

The Screenwriting workshop is devised into 2 main sections. The first focuses on the creative side – where ideas come from and how to develop them. The second is a more advanced look at how to set-out a screenplay and the best way to keep a script within the technical boundaries without ┬ástifling creativity.

Screenwriting Workshop 1 - Having and Developing Ideas

Screenwriting Workshop

The workshop for actors is designed to encourage actors to infuse writing techniques within their character development process. This helps the actor get inside the writer’s head and connect to the words on the page. It also gives the actor a better understanding of the writing process. Alasdair believes that writers and actors are unique in the industry, in the sense that they both approach elements of their work from a blank page. In this way the creative processes are similar and can be tuned to help enhance the work of the individual creator.

Writing for Actors Workshop

Writing for Actors Workshop

For information about either of these courses, please get in touch with Alasdair directly by email and he will let you know information about the next available course.